Karl-Johan Can you build a strong competitive brand online without using social media? | Karl-Johan Gyllenstorm 2022–06–19 Båstad

Is it enough to have a website to build a competitive brand online?

Sometimes I can see companies that only have a simple website where phone number, opening hours and address are published. The website contains no meta data, no title, no alt text in the images, no external and internal links and no links to social media and no sharing tools.

Of course, the question arises how can you run a business successfully when a website is so limited and minimized. Why do you have a website as an entrepreneur when you avoid publishing industry related information on it? Why invest money in local media offline ads (newspapers) but not on your website? What impression do customers get from your company when they visit your website? How does your website compare to the competition on Google?

You can not build a competitive brand online without social media today. You will not be competitive without social media, this is a fact. If you are an entrepreneur and think that your company does not need social media then you should rethink and think outside of your existing marketing framework.

By not using social media as an entrepreneur, you miss quality traffic (unique potential customers) that helps your company to:

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