IFTTT Automated Digital Marketing Funnels

Digital Marketing Funnel With IFTTT (“If this then that”)

IFTTT — Digital marketing with funnels.

Creating digital marketing funnels with the help of IFTTT can facilitate and streamline the digital marketing process. Regardless of whether the purpose is to market a personal brand, a product or a service, digital marketing in an IFTTT funnel is always effective.

The advantage of IFTTT is that you can automate and connect several different platforms. You can, for example, connect Blogger with Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, Gmail, Wordpress etc. So when a new post is made in Blogger, it is also published automatically on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, Wordpress etc.

It is not uncommon for affiliate marketers to use this digital marketing technique to market their affiliate products and for the purpose of driving traffic to their landing pages.

IFTTT is free to use and you can create unlimited accounts for several different digital marketing funnels. IFTTT gives digital marketers the opportunity for maximum marketing dissemination and automation. In some of the platforms on IFTTT you can also paste html meta tags (keywords) this is of course also extremely positive from an SEO perspective.

IFTTT gives you the opportunity to take your digital marketing to a whole different level that exceeds most expectations.


Free automated digital marketing with IFTTT.



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