How to rank high on Google — Long tail keyword combinations.

In one of my previous articles, you got to take part in long tail keyword combinations.

Here are a number of screenshots of content that I rank high on Google.

The results of the ranking positions on Google are related to digital marketing methods that I describe in this blog.

Note that seo is absolutely crucial based on how popular your content will be.

You can have the world’s finest website, but with bad SEO, no one will find it on Google. This is something to keep in mind when building a website, start with SEO and build content after the SEO analysis is complete.

Build content and measure the results regularly, take small actions / changes and measure the results again. “Content is king.”


In this article, Karl-Johan Gyllenstorm shows a number of screenshots of relevant content that ranks high on long tail keyword combinations.

Writer: Karl-Johan Gyllenstorm

Date: 2022–03–09

Time: 11:15



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