How to be able to target your marketing content to one or more geographical locations / countries / cities has several advantages.


In this article, you will learn how to target your marketing content to one or more geographic locations for free. It can be cities, counties or countries. I will describe to you which tools to use and how. And just like all the other software I advocate, these are completely free to use. In order for you to understand the potential of targeting a marketing content, I will give you a concrete example of how it could be used.

Let’s say you have a business that sells painting services. You have an existing customer base in your area but would like to establish yourself in new places as well. You have limited finances and handle the marketing yourself. The following tools are advocated for the purpose of marketing with a geographic focus on the internet.

Alternative 1 — Blogger

Blogger gives you the ability to create content and tag it as well as to specify the geographical location of the content. Create content and target it to the geographical location, city, county in which you want to market your business. In your content, you create a title / heading that contains the geographical city, service, product you are selling and today’s date.

Ex. (Header H1/ Titel) -> Are you going to repaint the house and live in Berlin? Contact (your company name and phone number) 2022–01–07.

Ex. (Content -> H2) Local painters in Berlin perform painting work with high precision and at market pressured prices.(Paragraph) Full guarantee is provided and a good discount on the paint. We paint wooden houses, concrete houses and brick houses. We also perform interior painting work in apartments in connection with the change of ownership of the property. Get in touch and we will send you a free quote!

Your company name

Phone number


Contact person


Alternative 2 — Instagram

With instagram, you post content that matches your industry. The content should convey emotions and consist of high-resolution images.

Before you post the pictures, add tags in the picture. Ex Painter, painting, painting service, painting, real estate painting, Berlin.

Post your photo on Instagram and use the same textual content as you had in Blogger. Add the current location / city / country that you want to promote your business in Instagram’s “site selection”.

Tag your text post with #city #place #industryname #companyname

Alternative 3 — Google My Business

Create a Google My Business account and follow the instructions provided by Google. Be sure to enter a geographic location that matches the area in which you want to market your business.


If you run a business that is seasonal, create content for your Blog and for your Instagram right now and *post it just before the season starts. In internet marketing conversations, it is usually said that “content is king”. The one who has the best and most content is the winner. Plan your marketing and achieve your business goals! Get more inspiration here.


In this article, Karl-Johan Gyllenstorm describes 3 different methods that can be used to target marketing content to a place, city, county, country. All methods are free to use and do not require any expertise to be put to work.

About the author

Karl-Johan Gyllenstorm is certified in digital marketing by Google Digital Academy. He has more than 10 years of practical experience with SEO and digital marketing. Karl-Johan is developer to Marknadsandels Applikationen. He blogs regularly about SEO and Digital marketing, and his articles can be found on Wordpress, Medium, Blogger, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook. Connect with Karl-Johan on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.



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