How to add meta information in a shared Google Drive file? | SEO Tips | Karl-Johan Gyllenstorm 2022–06–28 in Båstad

Google Drive gives you as a user the ability to create beautiful documents, spreadsheets, pdf´s, slides and more. In fact, Google Document is a great tool for building your article. Personally, I always build my content in Google Document first and after that i translate the content and publish/ share it via Google Drive and in my Blogger blog. This creates the right conditions for me from an SEO perspective.

In this article I will show you how to enter meta input value in bulk format in your Google files on Google Drive.
When you create a Google document, the title of the document is stated at the top left. What many user´s forget is that they do not add meta information to the files stored and shared in a Google Drive account.

Add meta information in Shared Google Drive Document.

Meta information can be added to the Google Drive files, but not to the same extent as can be done on a website.

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