Form Value and Manipulation — Digital Marketing Technique | Karl-Johan Gyllenstorm 2022–06–05

Form value and manipulation — Digital marketing technique.

Form value and datamanipulation.

Forms is something that is used extensively in various web contexts. Forms are used to gather some form of information that in a secular stage will be used for some purpose.

Forms can be easily created by anyone, there are several different ranges of forms with associated functions. Google offers forms to its users as well as Jotform.

Form values is often stored in an excel or spread sheet where the information is structured in tables. *This gives the creator the opportunity to filter the form information and compile statistics.

In this article, I will show with the help of my own free customized digital marketing tools how input value in a form can be manipulated. The purpose of this is to give you who are interested in digital marketing a new point of view on how forms can be used for digital marketing purposes.

In short, you can say this:

The user fills in their input values ​​in a form and something completely different or different is displayed (in the backend) (in the excel / spread sheet or on a website).

This is a classic example of data manipulation, one thing is done and a completely different result is displayed than what the user expected or typed in the form fields. “Data in a nutshell”.

Of course, this is something that is fully utilized in different web contexts by creators to achieve different goals.

I will not go into further detail on how you can put this into action. I will show you a frontend on a simple form as well as the backend of the form script that manipulates the input values ​​in the form. In this example, I use Jotform. The script is embed on websites.

The data manipulation can consist of:

  1. Adding information to the input values ​​specified by the form user.
  2. Or alternatively removing information.
  3. Or replacing the original input values ​​in the form with completely different information.

An example of data in nutshells — should one rely on data information?


Form data and manipulation can be used for several different purposes. How can it be used for digital marketing purposes?



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