A great tool for producing search engine optimized text content for the web, blog, website, press release and social media.

Content creators use various software for editing text, creative layouts, movies, sound clips, etc.

Content creators know that the importance of content should be placed on creating informative guiding text. Some content creators choose to write the text in a standard note software first and translate the text in the next step and edit it in a word software such as Google Docs. Being systematic in content text production saves time and money.

So what does a typical process look like when text content is produced:

1. The text is first compiled in standard “note software”.

2. Based on geographical search engine optimization objectives, the text is translated using a translation program such as Google Translate, Translator EU etc.

Translated text is mounted in a Word software such as Google Docs.

4. In the Word software, headings, highlights, external and internal links are inserted, images are inserted. Date, responsible publisher and more are stated as well.

5. When the text and article are finished, it will be published live on the internet and shared on social media.

6. The text is copied and published in the blog system, in the Press release system.

7. The text content is downloaded from the Document program in the following file formats: PDF, Docx, Odt, Rtf, Html, E-pub.

8. The files are also published on the internet, download links to the files are shared on social media, blogs, websites.

The picture shows Heading 1, Heading 2 and Heading 3 as well as the share button. Note that the document has the same name as heading 1.

The image shows how to download the word document in different file formats PDF, Docx, Odt, Rtf, Html, E-pub.

The picture shows how to publish the word document on the internet.

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About the author

Karl-Johan Gyllenstorm is certified in digital marketing by Google Digital Academy. He has more than 10 years of practical experience with SEO and digital marketing. Karl-Johan is developer to Marknadsandels Applikationen. He blogs regularly about SEO and Digital marketing, and his articles can be found on Wordpress, Medium, Blogger, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook. Connect with Karl-Johan on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Developer: Karl-Johan Gyllenstorm |Country: Sweden | Address: Köpmansgatan 109 | Zip code: 269 36 | City: Båstad | Phone: 0046 0739894011 | E-mail: jktaxtrainer@gmail.com




Vägledande ingångsvärde för effektiv digital marknadsföring och sökmotor optimering.

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Karl-Johan Gyllenstorm

Karl-Johan Gyllenstorm

Vägledande ingångsvärde för effektiv digital marknadsföring och sökmotor optimering.

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